Welcome to the “Val de Travers”

The Val de Travers is a valley near by Neuchâtel in the French part of Switzerland. Well known for its absinthe, watch factories and it natural rock arena “Creux-du-Van”, you will also find the regional Museum in Môtiers a small village of the valley. I had the opportunity to realise some animation parts for the muséum introduction film.

The film has been realised by Philippe Calame, REC production. He tells about the story of the Val de Travers; the geological past of the Valley as well as of its modern history.

Most parts of the film are based on real footages. I just made the animation sequences, inspired by old prints, post cards and drawings from the region. I also animated the didactic part about the geology of the region and made special effects replacements in the real footages.


I am working for the second time for REC productions: before I worked in 2011 for animation sequences for the Ferme Robert near to the Creux-du-Van. I also worked in 2016 for an exhibition for the Natural Museum in Neuchâtel: “La mécanique du ventre”. transparent

Here are some parts of animation I made for the Val de Travers Museum’s movie: