Vögeli which means little bird in swiss-german; is the title I have choosen for my first full-CG short. This movie has been realised during Christian Schwaller’s softimage Course at the Lucerne University of applied Sciences and Arts, 2013. This project is also the first one for which I have made the sound-design, with the help of our Sound-design teacher Thomas Gassmann.


Idea and concept

I had the idea of the story during the “Einzellbild Geschichte” (Storytelling in one picture) lessons given by François Châlet. I started this film without any experience in CG. To be honnest I was a bit affraid about it; that’s why I planed to animate only the bird’s impact in the window. Finally I extended my story with the idea to do a movie in which most of the actions are happening off-screen, playing with a certain frustration we usually don’t have by watching a film. transparent

Vogeli_soundAufnahme Let’s do some experiments !

I have made a lot of discoveries by doing this film! Enterely realised on Softimage, I had some successful results and some who where less sucessfull (like the grandmother at the end, or the cat, who are both very awfull…) The sound has been recorded at school and mixed on protools. The musik is an extract of the operett Merry Widow (from Lehàr) played by myself on a piano.