Milankovitch, Pôles feu la glace

Did you know the cycles of Milankovic? These are three earth astronomical parameters which naturally influence the climate of our planet: the obliquité (the variation of earth’s inclination against the sun), the eccentricity (the shape of the earth’s orbit around the sun) and the precession (the rotational movement of the earth similar to a top).

Pôles feu la glace Museum Histoire naturelle Neuchâtel

About the film

The film has been produced by Nature Museum of Neuchâtel, I realized it during my civil service there. It explains those three Milankovic’s phenomena in a playful and funny way. It also explains the terrestrial phenomena that amplify climate variations: the greenhouse effect and albédo.

The film will be screened in the exhibition “Pôles, feu la glace” at the Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Neuchâtel. Check out the dates here

Pôles feu la glace

The film screening

The film consists of two films of choice (” Les cycles of Milankovic ” and ” Albedo & greenhouse effect “) as well as an introduction film. Duration: nearly 9 minutes. The film is shown in three synchronized screens placed in the centre of the exhibition room’s wall, like the windows of a spacial rocket.


I directed the film during a two-month full-time civil service based on the scientific content compiled by Léa Delerce (Project Coordinator for the exhibition), Thierry Malvesy (Curator) supervised by Anne Ramseier (Set Designer) and Ludovic Maggioni (Director From The Museum). Gregory Bosset was in charge of the technical aspects of installation, while Aurelius Louis (Civiliste) composed the music of the film.

Pôles feu la glace Museum Histoire naturelle Neuchâtel


unfortunately, for reasons of rights , I can’t put the film at your disposal, but only extracts. You’ll find the release of the movie “here” or on the Museum’s website.