Desseins diplomatiques

A mouse gets lost in the archives of the league of nations in Geneva. She is going back to time, and discovers the history of this organization, which inspired much of the United Nations organization (UNO).

About the film

“Diplomatic Designs” is based on real archives (posters, drawings etc.) of the time of the League of Nations, most of which come from the Palais des Nations in Geneva, the former headquarters of the League and the current european United Nations office.

The film was produced by Rec Productions (Philippe Calame) in co-production with the master film of the hochschule luzern. Wilson

The League of Nations

The small city of Geneva, in Switzerland, has almost become the capital of the world! Indeed, it is the president of the U.S.A., Woodrow Wilson, who personally insists that the headquarters of the league of nations be established in Geneva. The League was the first world organization for peace and security. A unique multilateral discussion platform, described in the 14th point of Wilson’s famous speech in front of Congress to avoid a new world war like that of 1914-1918.

Unfortunately, and despite some notable successes, the League of Nations will be remembered as a resounding failure. Its creation did not prevent the horrors of the World war 2. In its place, and on the basis of it, the victorious states of war will make their own alliance a new international organization for peace and security: the United Nation Organization (UNO)


It was a hard challenge to tell you the complex history of the League of Nations in 07 min 35. So eventhough, I had the chance to be supported by an historian, there are somme informations that are not quite precise. You will find some correction (in french) here.


Realease of the film

The film was screened for the first time at the Palais des Nations in Geneva; the second united nations headquarters in the order of importance (after New York). These open doors were held on October 07, 2017, and the film was presented in the exhibition hall devoted to the history of the league of nations. It is now shown on a permanent basis with other films.

During these open doors, the film was accompanied by the original archives and interviews (a historian and a united nations official whose father was an important secretary of the league) that I filmed for the occasion with the help of Mr. Jeanrenaud, Christian haab and Mr. Beetschen for sound.

The film was also broadcast at the well-known Hiroshima Animation 2018 film festival in the out-of competition Programs “Best of the world” and “Star of students”, as well as at the “Les Sommets du film d’animation de Montréal (Canada)”. The film was also selected for the Swiss competition at Animatou and “We the people film festival”, BFI in United Kingdom.



For reasons of rights (especially for broadcast in festival), unfortunately, I can’t put the film at your disposal, but only its trailer. You will find in ” news “ the dates and places of broadcasts. The film is also referenced by swissfilms. The realization of this film has been a real teamwork. Tarek Schmidt made the great music of the film you can listen here. it is Thomas Gassman with the help of Rebecca Rubelli and Marion Nyffenegger who performed the soundtrack. Aline Höchli and Lukas Suter each animated a scene from the film. The project was followed by mentor Jochen ehman. You will find the full credits of the film here.